Analyst Predicts ARM Will Take The Netbook Crown by 2012



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My phone is fast, but it runs WinMo 6.1, not XP.  I would think an atom would be better than an upclocked smartphone chip.



I dont think that Morales is seeing the big picture.  While you dont want to burn intel, the fact remains that Intel needs as many Pc makers as possible, now more than ever with the market the way it is, it cant afford to screw over OEM's because they decide to use a different proc for a netbook, where the profit revenue isnt that great anyway.  


The day Intel starts saying "well they screwed us now lets screw them!" is the day that ever OEM startes using AMD beacuse there cheaper and better!

I use Amd in every machine i have anyway.  The real problem for Intel might actually be AMD because people are no longer looking to spend 300 bucks on a new cpu, then have to by super ex$pensive memory and mobo!


I wonder if maximumpc could get some numbers on sales from amd and intel for 08 or even the up until now, id be interested in seeing some sales numbers from the 2 and how they compare. 




But I want to see actual number of units sold....not profits, as they can sell the same amount but Intel's margin would be higher regardless.



Hope Intel gets "stong-armed!" out of it's position here. This would be great for us...the consumer!

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