Analyst: Infinity Ward to be “Essentially Closed” after Release of Next MW2 Map Pack



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This couldnt have happened to a better company.



Rasberry jelly. Not strawberry.



 Only he would use Raspberry!



YES! This post made it through the Spam Filter!



after they screwed over the PC community, this company and franchise was dead to me, good riddance



Great Movie Reference!  As for the game it is fun, but I have always thought that Battlefield was better.



Once bad company 2 came this game was uninstalled from my pc it was ok too much like modern halo for my taste the realism wasn't there. I could really care less about cod anymore, cod4 was the peak of their game development mw2 was pretty much just a cluster fuck from the beginning.



witout map updates, that was a waste of 49.95



This is a classic example why Online Activation Sucks and Most of all should be OUTLAWED. Software Company

goes out of business and you have a Unusable Piece of Software!!!

Buyer Beware; read the find print on the Box or Research the install or operating requirements before you

spend your money. Max PC Help; Spread the Word and Put the Pressure on the Software Industry to STOP

Online Activation and or to Run our Software.

Have them use a different form of Anti-Piracy Schemes..

I don't Buy Software when it's required; Install or to Run. Happen last Night, was looking to Buy Silent Hunter 5

and it said Internet Connection Required to Play Game; Not Multi Player but in General!!! I was Discussed and

put it back on the self and bought something else.

That's How a Long Time Player and Most of All Purchaser of that Franchise is Rewarded.



 I'm happy to hear that you had a discussion with yourself about whether or not to buy SH5, after all, doing some research on a particular game, like you said you did, is pretty hard. It's good to have a supporter to lean on every now and then. Now as for playing devil's advocate... not all games that say on the box "Internet connection Required" actually need an internet connection for solo play. Take Supreme Commander 1 for example. The package clearly says, "Internet Connection needed." But it doesn't say for what. It only needs it for multi player. Case in point, yeah, a little bit of research goes a long way. (Especially in SupCom2 :) )



YES! This post made it through the Spam Filter!



I HATE Raspberry!

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