Analyst:: FTC's Beef with Intel is "Overblown"



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Not only that, They just got smacked down by the EU. Their settlement with AMD followed. Sure sounds to me like Intel was trying to play nice and cut their losses before it really hit the fan. Then it hit the fan anyway.

It may be that they do end up with a favorable ruling in the end. But for now they are in a bad position and I wouldn't be buying their stock until after any potential negative fallout when their stock may drop significantly. No matter the outcome, they are one of those companies I think most would consider "too big to fail" so even if they get smacked pretty good they'll continue on.



Who gives a crap what this guy says? They settled with AMD (although not admitting any wrong doing but we all know the truth) tells us, the consumer, alot about what intel has been upto. Not to mention the fact that those companies admitted to kicking AMD to the curb for kickbacks and cheaper prices from intel. So yeah, I hope intel gets what it is deserved and this analyst needs to STFU!

$1.25 billion settlement with AMD, the FTC decided to move forward with an investigation into Intel's business practices. <----Intel lost dumbass

Freedman added that Intel has a "much stronger case than people realize" and expects a favorable ruling before the end of 2010. <----same case as before, just that it's FTC vs intel instead of AMD vs intel dipshit.

How can that moron say that a favorable ruling before end of 2010 when they lost to AMD? I'd bet he has stock in intel so he has to uplay them to make more money before they fall.



WHAT THE HELL: "expects a favorable ruling before the end of 2010." My ass!  How many YEARS did the case with AMD go on for, and Freeman thinks it'll be over in a few months? What planet is this dude on?

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