Analyst Estimates Amazon Rakes in over $130 per Kindle Fire



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Not to mention Amazon Prime revenues. This seems to be on the surface a pretty good service. Annually set at 80 bucks a pop with many perks for joining, this makes the Kindle Fire the electronic equivalent of a gateway drug.



Haven't consoles been doing that for the longest time?
Even as far back as the PS1, I think, they first sold at cost or a small loss, and then made it up on the games. Then as the hardware components got cheaper they'd bounce between gaining back a bit and cutting prices to increase the user base. A proven marketing concept.



Shoot, razors have been doing this for ever. Give away (these days sell very cheap) the razor and make your money off the over priced razor blades.



Not to be second guessed? Reminds of Steve Jobs.

And I don't even like Steve Jobs. I sure hope Amazon keeps stealing Apple's thunder.

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