Analyst: EA to Charge for "Very Long" Game Demos



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Since most console Gamers arleady pay 15 bux for 3 small
multi-player maps, why would they not buy pay for it before the game is
even released.

This brings forth my utmost hatred for DLC. They
change you money for mulit-player maps that you used to get for without paying for it in
games of old. There used to be this thing called the modders community
which would create maps, mods and many other things with the supplied
dev kits that used to come with games. Great games like CS used to come
from this. Instagib, the most popular mod in Quake now came from this.
With taking out dev kits and then charging you 15 for a few maps, they
are destroying the modders community.

Not only that, but now
after a few DLC's come out, and you don't get them. You are not able to
play online anymore because everyone that still plays only has servers
with the new maps they got via DLC. And now my game that was 60 bux s
worthless unless I spend another 10-20 for all the DLC. 

 But hey, EA is making money, why would they care that they are destroying one best things that has ever come from gaming.







Actually, this seems like a slightly less awful idea. Instead of paying EA $70 to beta-test a game, you pay $15. 

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This spam filter is SUPER ANNOYING MaxPC!!!



Agreed. Somehow people are still able to wrongly advertise on the website, yet half my posts or comments are blocked for no reason. lol XD



Happens to me all the time, and yes it's ANNOYING.



I know this EA we're talking about here, but if they have ANY love for their customers this will be played out like this:

Buy extended demo $10-15

Buy rest of the game discounted $10-15 you paid for demo if you decide you want the rest of the game.

No crappy DRM, just the rest of the game you decided that you wanted to play.

Should EA want to reedeem themselves this would be the way as well make a profit.




Doesn't this kinda defeat the whole point of a demo LOL?  The sad thing is there are schmucks out there that will still pay it LOL.



Gee,  I thought Mircosoft was creative in calling a beta product a new version.  At least Mircosoft only charges you once.

EA charges you for the demo, you beta test it for them and then they charge you for final game!

Wow, what breath taking BS!




Argh.  Stupid spam filter.

Ok, so there was obviously a meeting at EA, and someone said, "Hey guys, I believe I have made some significant progress in our efforts to further screw our customers... you know, the people who actually pay for our games instead of pirating them? Yeah, I figured out a way to get them to all pay for every game twice!  Can you believe it?  Hahah, our customers are so stupid, right? You all agree with me, right?"  And they did.




Yea, you've got me lost EA. The whole point of having a beta is to see if you like it. Honestly, if you keep your crap up you're going to screw yourself over. Me along with a lot of other gamers will refuse to buy/play any of your franchise if you become too greedy. I WILL NOT PAY FOR A DAMN BETA!



This is stupid because if you like the game and want to buy it, you will be spending 70-75 dollars on the game.



Pay to beta test no way EA you pay me.



WAIT JUST A MINUTE...isn't the point of a demo to see if you like the game before you pay for it? EA is quickly moving to the dark side, and I'm not happy about it.  


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There you go!!!! Are you finally getting it? Many of us have seen EA as being the Dark Side for a long time. They have been charging people for Demos for years already. You all have just been too blind to see it. One game that comes to mind if Battlefield Bad Company. Its obviously the demo for Bad Company 2. NO MIC SUPPORT!!! Not to mention all the other games that claim to have mic support that dont like Nascar 09, and Battlefield 1943. Polyphony charged $40 for their demo called Gran Turismo Prolouge. That was the game that caused me to state long ago if you people buy this incomplete piece of junk its only going to get worse. Now look whats going on. These companies at this stage could take a crap on a plate, shine it up, maybe even chrome it out and sell it to many of you for a premium. Youll buy it. Its sickening how many people bite on crap like this. this. 



And that's part of the problem. They continue to get away with it cause people keep buying their crap. It's the whole reason Apple is successful -- they brainwash people into thinking they must have their underpowered and overpriced garbage products otherwise they're just not cool.

EA can do whatever it wants. But so can I. And I choose to spend my money elsewhere. 


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Woah, woah, you mean you are just NOW figuring out how evil E.A. really is? They're in it for the money, and thinking otherwise would be a complete delusion.



No way. You guys had to make this up.

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