Anaheim School Hands Out GPS Devices to Kids who Skip School



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Mighty BOB!

Wow this can't possibly be legal.



Actually, I'd rather see this done for every kid.  And for every kid who skips school, my property taxes go down a few cents and the responsible parents of these school-skipping kids have their property taxes go up.



So, let's see now. The school just gave me a GPS so they can track me when I'm skipping school. Should I take it with me or should I leave it at home when I skip school?????

Yup that's a hard one to figure out.



If what your saying is that its easy to leave it at home and still skip school your wrong.

"Five times a day, they're required to enter a code that tracks their location".

So.. if they dont enter the code then they are skipping.



Technology can not fix a parental problem. Also, kids will find a way around tracking devices.



I was thinking the same thing. This isn't a schools responsability, it's the partents. Some of the movies and books I have seen and read are coming true more and more!



Hmmmm one more step to the Nanny State?

I've a better idea. Most parents all ready buy their kids phones.  Most phones now comming with some form of GPS. Why, I ask you, in order to use the GPS function you must first buy more data plan???  Why not allow parents a way to go online... Ping their son's or daughter's phone and it returns with the GPS coordinates.  Let me type that into my myself.

Don't want students on their phones @school... Use the GPS to disconnect calling functions in and out.... Allow there to be a code and that code sets the phone numbers allowed to be called at school.


We have this technology but to use it you must pay a fee.  It would, in a simple analogy, buying a DVD player but in order to use the fast forward or reverse buttons you had to pay a subscription.  I want a phone where I can ping the dang thing and if it has GPS... send the coordinates back to me.  


I'd give my kids one of these and then... I'd know where they were at all times when they weren't in my sight.  Kids would be more prone to doing the right thing if they knew how easy it was to get caught.

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