Amtrak Pulls Into Internet Era, Now Fully on Board with E-Tickets



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I think this is pretty cool. Just one more step on using your phone as a wallet. Now only if they could do something about those retail stores and their "association cards".



It's sad to see that these morons took this long to roll out this infrastructure. I think it's classic that the Washington transportation authority still walks around on MARC trains and uses a paper punch to punch a hole in your ticket. What is this, 1950? It scares me that the US is supposed to be in the technology forefront of the world. Is everyone else living in caves??? I don't think so.



no.. they are living in a underpass.



Welcome to 1997 Amtrak. If you fools understood about 50 years ago that you are in the transportation industry instead of the "railroad" industry, I bet our transportation infrastructure would look a lot different and arguably successful.

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