Amsterdam Court Tells Pirate Bay to Get Lost, or Pay the Price



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 ....sue the heck outof the record companies....ever since the first 78 hit the market, we have been saddled with a boatload of bad or unwanted songs, just to purchase the 1-2 we wanted.  In my mind this equivocates to going to the super-market and being forced to buy 4-5 lbs of hamburger to get the 1 lb you went to the store for....its like buying a car that has good brakes and steering but the rest is unsafe or unwanted.

It's not just audio visual either....can I buy Windows XP w/o Internet  I can't even BUY Windows XP anymore.  When does the axe start to swing both ways?  Sure everyone is up in arms about TPB etc.,  but who is taking arms against (let's say) the recording industry...for selling [on a CD or DVD] 23 ++ songs that thier own marketing knows noone wants.....on a CD with only 1-2 songs that their marketing dept., knows everyone wants.  The real criminals here and in the world at large are those that force people to buy a load of cr*p to get a small percent of what they wanted to buy.  I still remember a time when ....IF you PAID for TV it came commercial even though I pay for TV I get commercials....whats good for the goose should be good for the gander.


The "CLOUD" is the biggest mistake this country has made...EVER !



From your post I can tell you only listen to Top 40 music. Thus your opinion is worthless. Have a nice day.



But isnt it kinda of not any governments business, to be messing with an internation site. They are taking a wild guess and declaring PB to be entirely illegal and copyright infringing. It SHOULD be up to the individual publishing companys to deal with this. Its kinda the net neutraility debate to me in a way, but i never fully understood that debate anyways.



That's isn't too bad, $64,000/day. Considering that someone torrenting a "copyrighted" material can get fined for as much as $150,000 even if they've just shared it with 1 other person - that maybe takes only 20-30 minutes for a movie (so essentially an individual can get fined $150,000 per 20-30 minutes so to speak). These days, criminal punishment for convicted felons of arsony or homicide is lighter than for someone who went to the internet and clicked "download" - lol.

 Why don't they move to Thailand or something where the gov't doesn't care about copyright infringement? And it's a vacation hot-spot too.



Your "been told" link is 404ing



Even then, it's just a link to the same article.



I hope that some country out there will take them in, and they can put everything back up that was taken offline.



Those 3 founders should just gtfo. Seriously, they're getting away this time without having to pay anything and they might as well take advantage of the free walk. 

Ignorance is man's greatest enemy.

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