Amiga Returns (Kind Of) In A Little Box With A Big Price Tag



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All these bisected assed linux distros, abnormally those that acclimated to address with netbooks accord linux a bad name...

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Let's be clear, these are over priced PC hardware based machines with a LINUX OS with a "Amiga/Commodore" skinned theme. The cases have Commodore / Amiga LOGOS etched on them and that is it period. Anyone who thinks these have anything to with real Amiga's or Commodore machines are kidding themselves. Before anyone who has never owned an real Amiga or C64 starts up for the record I like the LINUX based Commodore OS, I mean if I am going to use a LINUX distro why not one that is dressed up with Commodore skins/wallpaper and emulators. I just wish "Commodore USA" and the people who are buying into thise crap would be a little more upfront about what is really being sold here. I am all for nostalgia but I can buy the hardware cheaper, install "Commodore OS Vision and slap a AMIGA badge on it have the exact same thing for much less lol.



I think anyone who drops down that kind of money without doing even the slightest bit of research (which would confirm exactly what you're saying as true) deserves what they get.... or is just some rich kid who can afford to drop a ton of money to get something with a logo he likes on it.



This is nothing but a PC with an Amiga badge on the front. You are paying for a brandname.

If you are actually interested in Amiga computers, what you want is AmigaOne.



What's the point in even calling this box an "Amiga"? It's not! I had 2 Amiga's and this ain't one of those....sure, I understand the name was sold, and is being used in name only, but this is stupid! And at that price, I could build a far superior machine to this POS! No thanks!



Some of those old Amiga games were pretty sweet I tired Dark Mere and this one shooter you were a big moth. I never owned one but played around with the Paint shop program in Highschool.



I have fond memories of my Amiga 2000, but not fond enough to buy an Intel machine with Amiga stamped on the front.



The first time I played Falcon, my 1st flight sim, on my old Amiga 3000.



I'm scratching my head why any educated computerphile would want one of these (other than the Amiga logo).

But I sure miss playing Elite on my old Amiga 500. Man I killed some hours playing that game... :)



The old Amiga was all about the graphics,so it is weird that they skimped on the graphics processor. I am still waiting for the Linux build of Atari TOS, so the aging veterans can resurrect the Atari vs. Amiga wars.



My guess is that dumping all of that heavy duty hardware in such a tiny box would cause heat issues.

The real question is, if you have $2500 to spend on a computer, why would you buy this thing? A Mac mini is only $600. If you want a high performance computer, you could build a liquid-cooled gaming desktop for half that price.



You can build a liquid cooled gaming desktop for $1250?

No. At least, not one that actually needed liquid cooling.



Put a pentium 4 in it - it'll need watercooling in THAT case, HA!

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