Amidst Server Troubles, Battlefield Bad Company 2 Devs Admit That PC Version is Most Popular



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Why is the colum in the server browser where ping should be blank? There is a dash and thats it.

I have to go through the servers by name to see if I can find one on the west coast. 

I hope this bug will be fixed soon!

Also more unlocks would be nice. I ran out of stuff to earn :)



Servers have been fine for the PS3. Maybe thats not the issue. LAn play will come back. Its a necessary evil. It ensures a game will still be playable in full after the dedicated servers are turned off. But its up to you the consumer to make sure LAN is included from here on out. Im adding that to my list of must haves for future purchases or I just dont buy. 



The only problem I have is very minor, its that it takes quite a long time to search for servers. But once that is done, I have no problem getting in and staying in a server.

I played for 5 hours in one server yesterday with no lag or problems. I am playing on all High settings and in 32 slot servers typically full.



They would sell more copies if they didn't remove LAN/private server play. IW and DICE have assumed LAN play is dead. They couldn't be more wrong. I know of two local LAN groups with attendance up to 40 each. If that isn't good enough how about the 500 man LAN that sold out in 2 weeks.

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