Amended SEC Filing Values Zynga at $11 Billion



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Seems to me that Facebook has the upperhand in the relationship between itself and Zynga. Wouldn't Facebook force Zynga to be under a contract with them for exclusivity? I know that if I were running Facebook I'd certainly force Zynga to work with my social networking site and ONLY my social networking site. I wouldn't let them stay open to being able to go off and give any upstart rivals (see Google+) a chance to supplant my position of supremacy in social networking.


In short, I'm wondering why you seem to be assuming that Zynga is free to go with Google+ as well. is this a matter of financial public record and I'm just unaware of it? Thanks. :)



Facebook and Zynga inked a vague five-year "strategic relationship" back in May 2010, but didn't make any mention of exclusivity. The deal appears to be more about how to divvy up the revenue from Facebook Credits. Also note that Zynga has a presence on MySpace, Yahoo, and various mobile platforms (iOS, Android, and the mobile Web).

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