AMD's Mobility Radeon 4000 Line Packs 800 Stream Processors in Your Notebook



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This is long overdue for ATI. I keep seeing these crappy low grade Nvidia GPU's (the faulty 8400M and 8600M) in new laptops and wondered when is ATI going to release some 4800 or 4600 series cards? Finally. If these cards are cheap and reliable ATI can take a big chunk out of Nvidia's laptop market share with these chips.

I'd take a 4870 mobile over a 9800M GTX (or what ever they call them) any day and probably for a similar price. No doubt Nvidia is still gouging their customers in the mobile market since ATI has little presence there.

My sister's HP has an 8600M and it's the slowest piece of garbage I've ever used. EVER! It's unbelievable that people are happy with them.


teh 1337 haxxor

The reason people are happy with them is because they expect a laptop to be slow, and they don't use it for gaming.

 With this, and Nvidia releasing a new mobile GPU seires, I'd like to see another notebook roundup to see how these mobile chipsets stack up.



I agree completely. I can FINALLY choose between ATI and Nvidia for my mobile GPU. I am so sick of Nvidia domination in this sector, prices are inflated through the roof!


Schnur 67

Why does it take companies like Dell and HP so long to start using the newest and best technology in their computers? Dell has been offering the 8600m GT 256MB in their XPS 1530 models it seems for as long as I can remember. Why not start using the 9600m GT or something else? I am going to buy the XPS 1530 for college soon, and it would be nice to have some new technology in it. 

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