AMD's Fusion for Gaming Beta Now Available



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Well, if anyone gets this far back in the articles, I just installed this on a AMD FX55 Clawhammer Windows XP SP3 rig  and it works great, Thanks Max .



The less ram you have the greater the impact you will see.



i like to see something like this, an easy to use program with advanced features that will help the pc gaming group as a whole, although i shut everything down including start up processes and according to all the benchmarks ive run so far i only gained about 5% increase of speed from my ram. im not going to be using any of those overclocking utilities.



This is a very useful program, After installing it on my Gateway computer, (Yeah I know shitty computer but you gotta be happy with what you have.) I noticed a significant boost in performance in graphics intensive games like Oblivion. Only pet peeve that I have is that you can't add any applications to an exclude menu, I have ATITOOL for overclocking, And Everytime I run Fusion it shuts down ATITOOL, So in reality I must be getting more performance because my Vid card is at default clocks. I solved that issue by simply Re-starting ATITOOL when Fusion shut if off. But nevertheless very nice program, And it ran without a hitch in my System. In Oblivion, WITHOUT the Fusion App, In a Dungeon I would get 50-80 FPS, With the Fusion App running I got up to 178 FPS In a Dungeon.I chose the "Expert" Profile and it immediately shut off every useless process to gaming. Then when I finished playing I simply stopped the profile and it immediately re-started all the processes that it shut off. I also love the hard drive booster, You can really see your games starting up a lot faster. I LOVE THIS SOFTWARE!Very nice for just a BETA, GO AMD!!!

AMD Phenom 9500

ATI Radeon HD2400XT


Vista Home Premium (32-BIT) 



The installer is coded to only install on amd processers. im currently using it with my 8800GT and have no problems with it.



It wasn't Vista only.  I was thinking about building an app similar to this a while back, but decided I lacked the required the programming skills.  My idea was an app that could stop specified services, kill and log specified processes, then after you finish gaming could restart the services and launch the processes it killed so you don't have to reboot.



they already have that. Download it here:



one question does it work with intel processors and whats with the no xp love most serrious gamers still use xp



Serously, Im using xp and i would love this to push a couple extra frames out of Crysis.  WHAT GIVES AMD!!!



well I wish it would work with XP, but as far as I know, it should work with intel procs because usually AMD and intel have good relations.  Just don't throw Nvidia into the mix. 



AMD and intel usually having good relations?  What planet are you from?  They are cutthroat enemies who wish to crush each other under their respective boots.



I have this installed on an XP pc,,with an amd chip

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