AMD's Fusion A-Series APUs Offer 10.5-hour Battery Life, USB 3.0



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Keith E. Whisman

How about a system with a bulldozer CPU and a Fusion chip setup that will use the APU for low power work like web browsing and office work. Then when you want to game the APU shuts down and the Bulldozer and the GPU power up for gaming and heavy duty work.



that actually would be an interesting build.  dual cpu socket motherboards do exist but are expensive ( as far as I know) and not easy to ick up off the shelf. The main problem would be the bios making them work together.  Granted Nvidia's optimus technology that uses dual graphics for low and higher end work seems to operate just fine, I'm not sure how well that would also work with ading a second brain to the system. the other problem if such worked, would be lag time in switching between the bulldozer/GPU and just the apu. I also mostly see that for mid to full sized desktops.  The only better solution would be to have a gaming rig for everything or a console of some sort for gaming and have a fusion chipped net top or mid size desktop.



Ok, now that the marketing people have had their say, what are the actual numbers performance wise.





Some early benchmarks by people who have access to the new Llano chips:


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