AMD's Console Liaison Jumps Ship, Washes Ashore at Nvidia



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Maybe this man wasn't as much of a "key player" as we are led to believe? Maybe?

Maybe he's been sent into Nvidia as a double-agent for AMD?? ;)

I can hope, as while I can get past my ire with Intel if I absolutely had to (though I won't forget it), I don't think I could do so with Nvidia. Not a fan in the slightest.



I love AMD but in my mind this is just more evidence that AMD is on the fast track to nonexistence in a few years. Think it's impossible. Just look at how quickly RIM died. RIM was on top of the world just a few years ago and now it's struggling for survival (and the vast majority analysts are sure it won't make it). The same is happening to AMD, and I believe it will continue to happen until they are dead (assuming they don't hire some true geniuses to help them catch up to Intel.)


Shadow Death

I'm on the fence about how I feel here. I LOVE AMD for one reason. If it wasn't for them Intel would charge beyond belief prices like they used to back in the 286, 386 and 486 processor days. However... I also love nVidia's video cards. So it's a win lose situation no matter how I look at it.



The next-gen consoles are going to have AMD chips in them, which is good for them, for now. If they don't secure the next-gen consoles after this gen, (If that market still exsist at that point) then AMD will not be so hot.

For now it is a victory, but soon it may end up as a lost. AMD has lost their footing in the Processor market that they once did fairly well in, now they are losing their footing in the graphics arena. I don't know why they are lagging their butts on the ground right now but they should step it up asap. Hopefully, they've got something good up their sleeve.



People are downplaying the importance of AMD hardware in next gen consoles.

That is a huge victory for AMD. Think of how many consoles sell..... and now all three next gen consoles will use AMD hardware. So no matter what people buy....they're buying AMD.



This isn't good for capitalism. AMD continues to falter, and that's not good. They need to stay in business and stay healthy to keep Intel prices in line. I don't think ARM will be be what's needed to do that...



"I want AMD to live and suceed so that I can afford to buy their biggest cometitors products instead of theirs."

I'm not a huge AMD fan, father works for Intel so I've always been Biased, and I take nVidia over ATI/AMD anyday because of the drivers.

But, to be honest? How will the company ever bounce back if nobody wants them to for any other reason than to NOT buy anything they make?

Can't compete if you don't make money to compete with ya know?



This is what I'm thinking. Still, we can hope that with all of AMD's management shake-ups, there will be a silver-lining. One can only hope.



Well, though I still don't see AMD dying completely, they're certainly going through difficulties with all their realignments. That is a pretty important position to have leave... and to one of your main competitors as well.
Maybe this will mean seeing advanced Keplar chips in the next gen systems? I can hope.



Man if next gen consoles could somehow squeeze in keplar chips that would be huge for console gaming!

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