AMD's "Cayman PRO" Model Numbers Revealed



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You are an idiot, and your Ford analogy makes no sense. Go buy a new brain! Maybe even a brainGT. Moron. Or maybe you can point out some more spelling mistakes from the editors. Get a life. MaxPC doesn't need you trolling their articles as heavily as you do.



Why is AMD being railed on for changing their numbering for new products? Did nVidia not just take an 8800GT and start calling it a 9800GT? Those in the know would realize there's no difference. The average consumer may think "Cool! This 9800GT is faster than the 8800 because the number is higher!" WRONG! Did they not do the EXACT same thing with the 9800GTX/ 9800GTX+/ GTS 250? Is AMD claiming better performance than a 5850/5870? NO. Do i5 CPUs run faster clocks than i3s? NO they dont. But an i5 HAS to be faster! Because 5 is more than 3! If you're researching new parts, shouldn't you be concerned with more than just the name? I don't know, may be read the specs and FIGGER IT OUT! Or ask someone who knows.... Max PC maybe? Or the forums? Is this really a big deal folks?


Keith E. Whisman

I suggest that we start a lawsuit claiming misleading product labeling. After these products go on sale we can have a class action lawsuit claiming victim status because of the misleading product naming scheme. 

They are doing this to completely screw people over. It's easy to convince a judge and jury that AMD is attempting to make people think the 6870 and 6850 cards are faster than the 5870 and 5850 with the product names. 

As an example this is like Ford changing the name of the Focus to Mustang GT to get people to pay more money for their crappy Focus. People recognize the awesome Mustang name and figure they are getting something awesome.



Is that their numeric sequence made sense from generation to generation.  Guess that isn't a priority with AMD now.  Given the convoluted naming sequence of their CPUs the last couple years I shouldn't be surprised.


Adrian Arguelles

If you just sit down one of these days and think about the Video Card industry, it's about time they came up with another way of tricking customers. But, nonetheless, at least the 6xxx series will be quite strong and cheap, even with the 6870 being weaker than the 5870 it would still be dirt cheap and you would basically be using a card with the performance of a 5850 with better DX11 handling. I still think it's worth it, but the numbering scheme sucks though.



Whats wrong with the naming scheme? It's the same as it was before. We are just going up a series.



I've been following these forum threads here: for a few days, which has a TON of info on these new Barts cards. The 6870 will not be as good as the 5870, however will be almost half to 2/3 the price (around $200-$250). The 6850 sounds to be a bit under the 5850, however one of the things that have been commented on by someone who seems to be "in the know" is that the Dx11 performance will be better in the 68xx series, and from the specs it looks to be more efficient in power usage per performance.

The Cayman look pretty awesome, the next big movement upward in graphics performance, but it'll of course be at a higher pricepoint than the 68xx barts core. As a Maximum-PC-dreamer with my feet on the Moderate-PC-ground, I'm excited to have the Barts 68xx come out at a much more comfortable pricepoint than the Cayman when it ships later this winter. I just sold my 4870 1gb to go to Barts, so they better hurry up and release (or drop down the prices on the 5870s so I can go with that).



Sounds like another plan to trip up unsuspecting customers.

But I guess it is better than a simple remark/rename of older parts.




This is really crappy, it looks like to me that AMD is trying to pull a major fast one with the new naming rules and play off of consumer ignorance to sell crappier/cheap cards to the mass public.  What a bunch of jerks.  If Jen Hsu wasn't bashit crazy  or intel's price points for hex cores just as crazy i'd go back to nvidia.  Oh well, at least the average maxpc reader is gonna be in the know.  This only hurts the company image.  Fricking idiots. 



Sounds like you got it figured out, Why don't you start your own company and show them how its done!!! /s



Not being a smartass jerk? He was just making an observation about their business model.



Its not ATI no more, AMD can rename there product as they wish.....

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