AMD's Bulldozer Processors Reportedly Delayed, More Specs Revealed



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Hmmm. Considering AMD's reluctance in releasing these chips, it's likely that Bulldozer won't match up to Sandy Bridge after all. Not to mention that Intel is soon to be releasing Sandy Bridge-E chips that will likely surpass both the 990X and the 2600K... Hexacore, 15 MB cache? Bulldozer is going to either fail or be way too cheap to be profitable...



I have heard that the reason AMD is going for such high clocks is because Bulldozer can't compete with sandybridge at the same or lower clocks. They're are trying to win this with high clock speeds which they can't even reach. While hopefully this isnt true only benchmarks will tell. AMD Netburst anyone? :P 


Holly Golightly

Geez, with these delays from AMD, it is like they do not want to compete against Sandy Bridge at all. I really do hope that they do outperform SandyBridy. This processor has been delayed long enough.



The way these delays are going, these processors should launch just in time for me to ditch AMD completely in favor of Ivy Bridge. The only reason I'm still even holding out hope for bulldozer is because I like having more than one PCI-E x16 lane to work with.



They were so close with the naming system.  Ok, lead number denotes the number of cores.  Why not just make the next 2 or 3 numbers the clockspeed? Doesn't make them even/pretty numbers, but I think it makes total sense:

FX-836 = 8 core, 3.6gHz

FX-831 = 8 core, 3.1gHz

FX-828 = 8 core, 2.8gHz

FX-633 = 6 core, 3.3gHz

FX-436 = 4 core, 3.6gHz



I'll take the FX-8100.


A 2.8Ghz 8-core is plenty fine for me, its cheaper and is a 95W CPU which is important to me.


Keith E. Whisman

I wonder if the six and four core procs are just eight core procs with disabled cores? Will we one day be able to buy a cheap quad and unlock 2 or more cores?



FX-8150: 3.6GHz (4.2GHz Turbo Core), 8-core, 8MB L2 cache, 125W




Ugh... More delays...



Another delay?  Suits me fine.  I'm holding out on building a new machine because of a lack of funds.  Gives me more time to save up.



This isn't new.  Bulldozer has expected a delayed launch of late August or early September for quite some time now.  I'm assuming the unlocked/BE editions will be non existant due to the inability to obtain stable high clock speeds?  If they are unlocked I wouldn't expect too much of an increase.



Yeah, that is how I read the article also. If the higher speed yields are not coming out of production for NORMAL speeds, that sounds like a big problem for o/c.



Where did you hear that they cant get stable high clock speeds? Just wondering. The processors seem to be doing ok in that department, if the specs are true. It probably wont go up to 5Ghz on air like Sandy Bridge, but neither did Bloomfield, so thats not too big an issue.



what he's trying to say is tht Bulldozer can't reach their reference speeds on their current revisions. Those are numbers the company would like to see but they are having delays in reaching them comfortably.

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