AMD's Beats Expectations, Cuts Losses Significantly in Q1 2013



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John Pombrio

There is no real cause for celebration here. These numbers are actually business as usual for AMD. Last year if you recall had those massive writedowns for buying out of Abi Dubai Global Foundries contracts as well as these acquisition of the server company SeaMicro.



I think the revision of thier Global Foundries contract is helping as well- they were taking a beating on paying for all partsof the wafer including ruined parts. so the new contract they hammered out last year of only paying for good yeilds is helping. sure they took a charge out for the contract penalty but it was worth it.

I am still concerned regarding enthusiast parts - with the potential of AMD soldifying on the APU as the only desktop part- then my time with them will probably end - unless they can get the part to really open up.

currently motherboards for APU's have ton's or room for Overclocking but the APU cannot really provide the muscle



If they offered their actual server chips like Intel does, then that would be fine with me. Has anyone here even heard of socket C or socket G?



Agreed. There was actually a project where some programming guru actually rewrote the BIOS for a quad-opteron server board awhile back to allow for mild BClock overclocking. If that were openly avaliable, I know a lot of people that would be all over it... but alas, none suck luck.



Agreed. I'm afraid that once my X6 1100T dies (or mobo, or whatever), I'll have to move to Intel. No big deal there, but I've grown fond and used to AMD. Their APUs are nice, but only in my laptop.

We'll see how Intel's integrated graphics go... Intel might beat AMD out too once Intel get rolling on integrated graphics.



I used to have a 1090T overclocked to 4.15ghz and now i'm running the 8350fx overclocked to 4.8ghz. while the margin of overclock went from 30% to 20%, the performance difference with my old phenom 2 is great and i'm much happier with my current setup than i would be with an LGA 1155 chip. Things are going to get ever better as we're seeing more and more well multithreaded games. The way thing's are going, IPC will start being redundant sooner than later, specially once next gen consoles are released with their low IPC 8 cores.



Time to buy some stock



Well this is good news. Yay for competition!

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