AMD Tweaks Processor Prices, Introduces New Socket FM1 Processor



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AMD has an eight core cpu for under $300 dollars. I haven't had an AMD Rig since 2002. Now there is a plethora of great processor to choose from at a bargain. Its November November everyone I will buy or better said I will assembly this time an AMD Rib for Holiday.



In the price vs. performance evaluation, the new amd processors can't match sandy bridge.  You're better off with a core i3 than most of amd's processors.



I don't know how new this is but Newegg is already showing a Athlon II X4 631 processor on the FM1 socket. This is a 2.6 GHz processor that I noticed earlier, but didn't know that AMD is using the F1 for CPUs other than the A series

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