AMD Trots Out "Interlagos" and "Valencia" Chips for Servers



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okay that's very nice amd... now please make me a cpu worthy of upgrade from a 4ghz(oc) 1090t to slap into my am3+ motherboard that atleast competes in value against intel.



Why does that fact that this is a 16 core cpu not mentioned in this??

I mean thats a pretty intresting tidbit of news dont you think?

First 16 core x86 CPU hits the market...

Can't we mention that?

Or do we not want intel to stop sending free test cpus ?



Checking the AMD roadmap 'Interlagos' is indeed a 12 to 16 32nm core.

Expect 'Terramar' in 2012 with up to 20 cores.



Yeah in 939 days a lot of people went for opterons, due to higher speeds etc. only reason i changed out my 939 board was due to leaking caps this past year.



Given these are based off Bulldozer, I wonder how they perform in the same tasks we threw the consumer versions. And if they're much better, I wonder if people would consider buying them over the consumer version. Though probably not, considering the total cost of ownership to build a server machine.

Before someone scoffs at me for the idea of using a server processor as a "gaming processor", server and consumer processors are pretty much the same, just the server one has more hardware tailored to its role.



My current home PC runs an AMD Opteron 185.  Socket 939 FTW!  Shows it's age a bit in threaded apps but runs games fine... on my even older 1280x1024 LCD.



I have an AMD Opteron 165 in the house (used by my kids)  thing has been running solid for years!



Yeah, my main, gamer, do everything computer is running on an Opteron 2360 Barcelona.  It runs everything I throw at it.  I'd upgrade to a Shanghai core if my mainboard supported it.

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