AMD Targeting Windows 8 Tablet Market with New Z-60 APU



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This is where AMD really has an opening to get a foot in the market where they hold the advantage to Intel. Processors with GPU computing power that is more than usable when playing games... Has potential.



Glad to see AMD has the jump on Intel for once, in any market. It's only a matter of time before Intel responds. Especially if they implement Haswell features into their mobile designs, but Intel does not profess in graphics, so Intel integrated graphics will not be anywhere near Radeon 6000 series quality any time soon. Intel has much catching up to do in that's no wonder Intel doesn't attempt to acquire Nvidia.

Also, AMD in the desktop space is really not that bad. Watch the FX8150 shine on OS's where threading/ core support is more refined. For instance, AMD's position is really good in Linux, proof that WIndows 7 support for AMD is far from refined. Heck, Linux supports 4096 processor threads (so 2048 dual core CPU's, or 1024 dual core, HT CPU's)...the problem here, is AMD uses too elegant of a design, too many threads for what general desktop processing operations warrant, hence, why Steam Roller plans to go back to simplifying things and devote more power to per-core performance under more general operations. AMD/ ATI's GPU's were guilty of much of the same, research their architecture leading up to the 6000 series and how they completely went to more simple design, like Nvidia's model, and ATI's older designs, which makes for a faster card under those conditions. AMD just basically made a b-line, at some point, toward crazy, super-hyper threading tech and hurt themselves under basic applications. You'll never see the FX8150 for what it is unless you're doing something more intricate. Like Sony and their Cell. There just isn't that many wildly threaded applications. So, AMD is going back to the AMD64 days, and just focusing on single thread performance.



Good for AMD, in the Desktop realm I've switched to Intel as they provide more power for the things I want to do on my deskop/laptop. To me AMD used to be powerful years ago. But now I see AMD as a alternative to just efficient at delivering a decent amount of speed with lower Power requirements and they run cool given they right cooling system (Anyone see the exploding AMD Duron video on youtube Haha). I'd love to see AMD in the performance ring because I'd go back to them if they could deliver me with a chip that can compete or even beat even the basic of today's Intel Chips!



Please tel me this isn't the "mutated thing" that video was talking about...



Not to sound depressing but I'll be impressed in a few years because 1GHz? Really? Pretty weak for running a tablet laptop hybrid if you ask me (which yes, I know, no one did, but this is what the comments section is for).



to be fair alot of "ultrabooks" run at around 1 to 1.3 ghz with their i7 ivy bridges and whatnot, and you pay through the nose for'em. on a tablet it's a moot point since they don't use as much resources as a traditional system. Plus if you want the good battery life it has to be turned down clock wise.



It's not really about clock all that much.
These tablets willdef destroy anything running Medfield

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