AMD Talks About Phenom II X6’s Turbo Core



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I'll be the cynic. I expect this CPU to be just as fast as Intel's 750 and 920. There CPU coming out in 2011 is the one I'm more curious about.



Agreed this will only be better than a 750 at multi-threaded apps other than that the 750 will still be the better chip.


Keith E. Whisman

With cheap and Powerful? AMD Hexa Core processors selling for $700 dollars cheaper than the Hexa core Intel processor I believe alot of people are going to migrate to the AMD platform. With a $700dollar difference AMD definitely owns the most bang for the buck value between the two companies.


Peanut Fox

Intel is suppose to be releasing a cheaper version of their Gulftown part.  It's possible that it could be a $400 or $500 dollar part.





 I think it's going to be time for me to upgrade to AM3 soon... This chip is looking mighty nice!


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