AMD Taking Market Share Back from Nvidia



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ive never been into the "omg fanboy" club of brand loyalists. but ive recently switched over to ati/amd products and i tell you, it might just be the refreshing experience of a new brand, but i feel a certain ease of use all around when using their products, or maybe it feels leaner running(for lack of better words) to me. anyways, glad to see ati alive and kicking.



This article doesnt suprise me, but its still refreshing. Its showing that competition is still alive and thats thats good for breakthroughs in design and consumer pricing, like the article says. 4800 series came out of nowhere (seemingly) and its been a excellent gpu for myself and others.




 I have been flip-flopping between brands all decade. The first computer I built 10 years ago had a TNT2 card, I believe from Creative Labs (so far the only brand I've been close to being loyal to, but for sound cards). After that was an ATI 7500, then an nVidia 5700 (IIRC, because the ATI wasn't working in a new rig for some reason). Then a nV 7800, I believe BFG, one more ATI somewhere in there, an 8800 GTX (first multislot card I bought), my laptop came with an 8400 GS (which sucks) but my first HTPC uses an an HiS 3850, and I just obtained a Sapphire 4870 for a new gaming rig (which have flip flopped between Cyrix, Intel and AMD, although the nVidia rigs have always been paired with Intels)

 All I need is a power card for a power rig and an efficient card for lowerlevel rigs. ATI's been good about filling niches for me, but I can easily switch back to nVidia, but not currently.


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