AMD Stops the Hemorrhaging, but is Still Bleeding Cash



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Keith E. Whisman

So for $20 bucks I could just about buy up enough stock to own controlling interests in the Company..... LOL..



AMD was ahead for a while now it is Intel's turn. The way I see it in buying CPUs you win either way Intel makes awesome chips, AMD makes good chips at awesome prices. A Quadcore with an unlocked multipier for under $200. One has to dominate to make the other lower their price. Unless your Apple, then you jack them up.



I'm not much of a fan of AMD's.  They get too hot too fast and die all too often.
Bill Gates: "What's that?"
Steve Jobs: "It's an iHouse."
Bill Gates: "But there's no Windows."
Steve Jobs: "EXACTLY!!"



itll be just a matter of time before AMD catches up. I don't know if and when they can pass intel, but i hope they get back to where they were



More competition means less of a monopoly.  It would be really interesting if Nvidia combined with Intel or vice-versa.  A big GPU and Motherboard maker combines with a big CPU and Motherboard maker.  Look at AMD and ATI's model.  Intel and Nvidia coming together on something, other than in a CPU and GPU in the same motherboard, would be pretty cool.



hopefully amd will get on its feet soon, the more competition the better.

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