AMD Stocks Hit Rock Bottom, Dive to 16-year Low



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My understanding of the AMD card's use in the dream machine was that it was only because skulltrail doesn't support SLI. I must say that I have seen a couple of the new batch at play, and they are exrodinary performers. If AMD can get a decent (desktop?) CPU product out this year, now would be a perfect time to buy.



Skulltrail is the only Intel made board that does have SLI support. We'll have to wait and see why the lab boys picked the 4870X2 for the videocard in the Dream Machine, unless we can beg Murph for a teaser on that here. 



Must come up.

Seriously though, all the stocks are down below what they should be. In case anyone hasn't realized, we are borderline recession, so no big deal.

I expect AMD/ATI to pick it up after this recession, or whatever it is, is over. 

But now is the time to buy the stock. 



Well this could be the best time to buy, especially with ATI on the rise.  Plus im sure tons of people will buy from them now that they used 4870X2s in the Dream Machine. 



hahaha.  Touche.

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