AMD Still Trying to Fix Rage Issues, Rolls Out Catalyst 12.1a Preview Driver



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For all their me-too criticism of late, this magazine will slobber all over Carmack next time his majesty grants another interview wherein he waxes ad nauseam about his latest and greatest contribution to humanity.



Constant texture pop-in whenever the camera is rotated is all on id's head.

Saving taking forever and the total lack of any useful autosave system is also entirely id's fault.

So is the godawful, always-on, cannot-be-disabled mouse smoothing that makes menus almost unnavigable.

And then there's the fugly as sin textures used for close-in views of the world. If it's not a weapon model, character model, or *distant* object, it looks terrible.

Plus the fact that half of the already-short game is spent just screwing around in town or driving yet again across the same pointless stretch of desert that you've been through a dozen times before.

Then they went and used every single "dungeon" twice to really stretch the remaining content thin. How so little content requires a 20 GB download I'll never know.

So it's a repetitive, empty, nigh-unusable, pile of crap. Nothing nVidia or AMD does can turn id's pile of excretion into a good game. And given the noises coming from John Carmack after the game's release, nothing can ever restore id to a developer capable to doing any better.



So are the issues truly AMD's problem or did the devs do a crap job creating the graphics? I would think if it was the devs problem AMD wouldn't be churning out so many updates to try and fix these issues.



I have wondered about this too. seems that every time there is a driver issue with a new game, amd or nvidia get blamed, and are somehow required to fix the problem. seems to me the drivers are already there but the developers don,t bother to write compatible code but just slap some shit together and blame the graghics companies, then have them fix their fuckups.

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