AMD Slashes Radeon 7900 Series Prices, Tosses In 3 Free Games



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That is a great deal. But newegg still has them priced high, so, we will have to wait and see when the price drop actually hits. Also, I'd trade those 3 games in for one Skyrim or bf3.



Just last fall I bought a 6850 for about the price of that 7700. I don't know if I want to find out how much better the 7700 is than my current dated card. Sad face.



It's probably not. So smile!



I'm hoping for a price war here; it would be nice to see the GTX 680 get down to about $350 before September.

Why do I want that? Because it is rumored "Big Kepler" will be released around then, and if the GTX 680 stays around $500, the higher powered Kepler will be, I'm guessing, $600 or more. I'm saving up my pennies for Big Kepler, and visions of having to pay in the neighborhood of $650 for just one is making my wallet squeal a bit.

More memory is a very good thing, too. A larger number of people (the kind of people that will pay $500 or more for a video card) are using screens with more pixels, or multiple-monitor setups. The industry has been responding and 2GB is pretty good for a "stock" unit, but this is definitely a case where "more is better".




They should sell better than the GTX 680s available right now, especially because there aren't any. With the 3 free games, they look to be a good value, heck that is worth at least $50 right there. But I game in 3D so the EVGA GTX 680 was a winner for me, you had to be fast on the order to get one though.


Big Hoss

I think the Dirt Showdown will be fun, but if you're buying these cards, I've got to think you've already played Deus Ex. The only thing that's a draw for me is the price drop. The games are negligible.



I've been waiting for the 4gb GTX 680 since I currently game at 2560x1440 and may want to go multi monitor soon, but if that 1335Mhz core and 5735Mhz memory 7970 from Sapphire is roughly $500-525 I might bite.



I would wait just a few weeks for the 4GB 680 to become available, tested, and o/c before making the decision...
I had the exact same dilemma when NVidia was late with the GTX580. I went with AMD and later on bought the 580. I really, really like the 580 better, no good reason, it just worked so nice. I found a home for the AMD card but I wished I waited...

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