AMD Slashes Price on HD Radeon HD 4870 to Sub-$200 Territory, Update Your Gift Wish List



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yay, maybe ill get lucky and be able to have a pair of these bad boys in crossfire in my build at the beginning of the year



I was thinking about a 8800gt superclocked because of physx support... but thats a real attractive offer :)



i should have waited before ordering then, because i just spent 265 for my 4870.



Yes, it's 14:40EST here and I see no such price-points for the 4870 on newegg? I'dlike such a deal, I've been thinking of crossfire my exsisting card and that price would be my excuse.



I will need to update my newegg wishlist and swap out that 4850 for a 4870. Conrary to the article though I still don't see any 4870 cards under $200 pre-rebate.



Here are some direct link to the $200 videocards (prices are current as of this posting):

Sapphire HD 4870 512MB - $200 shipped ($190 after MIR)
HIS HD 4870 512MB - $200 shipped ($190 after MIR)

Newegg's also advertising a $20 combo discount with OCZ RAM on both of those cards. 

If willing to shell out a little bit more for a 512MB HD 4870, you might also want to consider MSI's version. It runs about $219 shipped before MIR ($188 after), but their online eRMA process is about as painless as it comes, should you ever need it. Fill out the online form, receive your RMA number via email, and mail your card in - no proof of purchase necessary or any other hoops to jump through.

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