AMD Slashes Phenom II CPU Prices Up to 15 Percent



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Who the fuck on here buys a 1000 cpu's at a time just to get one cheap ERM noone that's who this really doesn't mean prices for a single one is going to go down for us it just means the retailers will have more profit margin !!!!



Good luck finding any of the 955's or 965's in stock at anywhere near those prices.



"including the A6-3620 ($09)" that's pretty cheap, i'll take 10 please



I still am and will always be a AMD guy. Way cheaper and more bang for the buck. So please by all means make them even more affordable!!



I'll give you cheaper but do you still believe that AMD has the best bang for the buck?



I'll back him up in that. I have the FX-8120 and am very satisfied with the performance of this chip thus far. I have OC'd it just to test it out and you know what... I backed it down to stock. It just is not needed for everyday computing. Stock is plenty fast enough. Others have stated that Bulldozer is a complete disappointment know their ass not from their elbow so go right ahead and feed the Dragon known as Intel.



I completely agree. I've always been an AMD person so that being said I just built the Scorpius system. I can guarantee you it does more than I could ever ask for and runs way more efficient and didn't cost me half (exaggeration) of what an Intel based system would.

It runs very smooth too. I installed 107 updates when I got back up and running and honestly didn't even know (too lazy to create a backup image, I'd rather take twenty minutes and update). I'm not even OC'd yet. This chip and system blow my mind as far as performance. I will be an AMD consumer for life.



so, with the new price cuts, is Intel's core i5 series still the way to go for midrange gaming rigs?



I'd get the Phenom II 1090 or 1100T or one of the mid to upper FX chips paired up with good 1600Mhz memory. I guarantee you will be satisfied.



Absolutely, without question. If an i5-2400 at ~$170 is too dear, then you're still better off w/ an i3 or Pentium. There is a much better upgrade path and, despite the frequent claims otherwise, 1155 motherboard prices are similar to AM2/3.

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