AMD to Slash 10 Percent of Workforce to "Optimize Cost Structure"



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Definitely disappointing to see this come from AMD, as an AMD supporter.  So.. Instead of focusing/investing on making an actual performance competative product, they'd rather produce mediocrity and "trim fat" to preserve profits and bonuses for the executives?  Sounds just like every other corporate giant out there.


Ghost XFX

Being that this FX proc fell short of it's goals, perhaps this was the smartest move that could have been made? Somebody had to of known there was going to be a failure with this chip. I find it very hard to believe that not a single soul realized what was going on before it's release to the market. I won't find Read at fault here, he replace "the last guy" in August. 3 months in, was he even aware just how bad off this CPU was?

Even with this said, Bulldozer isn't awful. It simply doesn't reach the goals expected from it, particularly for single thread performance, which of my opinion, is dated and high time developers step their game up as well. For crying out loud, Intel has been doing single thread chips since the freaking 70's, we're talking over 40 years here.

AMD have about a year to figure out what occurred to make this cpu fall so short, before Vishera is ready to walk to the stage. They can't afford to fall short again. But in order to do that, developers play a part in this as well. Yes, AMD didn't do a very good job with Bulldozer, but these lazy good for nothing developers need to expand on thier ability to create better programs as well. Expand their horizons a little bit, and we may just see a new age of home computing.

Thinking about it, I'll say this about the upcoming Vishera cpu, perhaps AMD needs to scale back and make it a 4-6 core instead of 10. Thanks to developers in general dragging their feet and backside along the dirt road, 8-10 cores would be useless for the time being. I get what AMD is trying to do, and truth told, it's BOLD of them to give developers so much to work with (Intel didn't do it which was smart of them). But they could careless it seems, as long as they can make something quickly and get paid good for it. I'd hate to see Vishera fall flat too, under the same exact circumstance.



Way to make yourselfs look like a bunch of retards AMD, just after the launch of your so called successful CPU, which; by the way, was a huge dissapointment for those of us who are AMD fans, you decide to cut 10% of the people/jobs that MAKE your company ??!?? WTF!? WTF!? WTF!? How about instead you hire 10% more poeple and lock them in a room so you can actually come out with a CPU that will compete with Intel, not just on a price point but in I don't know preformance ?? You let me down with this AMD... I don't want to admit it but things here on the green side are looking pretty shitty right now, blue side has the right stuff... you ? The aging 1100T ? oh and "Bulldozer" the Intel killer that gets its face tore off by the 2500k and the 1100T at the same clock ?!? DISAPOINTING! WHO THE F! CARES IF YOU CAN CLOCK IT TO 5834589353 GHZ IF THE PREFORMANCE SUCKS ????


Point is AMD you are Fing yourselves big time right now and you can't see it, I really hope the rumored Windows 7 Bulldozer schedular patch is real, that way we all wont feel Fed out of our $300....



You have to wonder if Intel would be interested in any of these folks. Rory Read's "statement" sounds like the same crap we heard when the tech company I worked for moved to Mexico. But we need AMD to be successful or we'll be at Intel's mercy even worse than we already are.



And unemployment jumps a staggering 10%!



Layoffs make the corporate world go round.

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