AMD Ships New "Performance" 790GX Chipset



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Calling it a better means of overclocking is a crock.  It's a new chipset, no different than nVidia having the 680i and then releasing the 790i.  Of COURSE newer chipsets will improve performance.

Saying that it's some new form of overclocking is just an insult.  "Standard overclocking" is still the only kind of overclocking--it's bad enough AMD hasn't had anything competitive for so long, do they really need to insult power users by thinking we can't figure out the difference?


band geek

Sounds cool. ATi is making a comeback, and it sounds like AMD might be next with their hybrid graphics. My next proc might be from AMD... But what about folding on a system with hybrid graphics? Using the newer GPU client, would you have to set the affinity to your discrete GPU? Seems like it would negate the power savings of the hybrid graphics, because you'd have your discrete card running all the time instead of using the integrated chip, even just idling on the desktop. So this might not appeal to those of us who fold.

Saxophone FTW



I know AMD's road map is confusing sometimes, but this one I really don't understand... "The new 790GX chipset...filling the slot just below its 790GX..."

EDIT: Fixed, makes sense now, thanks Paul :)




i've been waiting for this for a long time!!!

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