AMD Set to Slash Prices for Previous Generation APU Chips



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I don't think AMD is "crap", at all. And I'm a 36 year old digital artist with his degree from Mass Art, and a gamer, as well. I have a PhenomII X 6 1100T, and it's a rad chip! Couple that with an AMD HD 7850 graphics card, and you've got a killer gaming rig... Like mine. My little 9 year old brother is just getting into computers, and I told him I'd get him one for Christmas. He said he wanted Intel, and I schooled him on what's reasonable. I said, "You don't need Intel, little man. They're too expensive, and you wouldn't even notice the difference. The only people that do care about that stuff are hardcore gamers, scientists, and those who do serious video-editing. But average people like me and you. Well, let me put it to ya this way... If you put my rig next to an Intel rig with the same graphics card... You wouldn't notice a difference.". And it's true... Everything I said. So unless you ARE a hardcore gamer, scientist, or video editor... For the money... AMD ROCKS, period.



I just built an A10-5800K machine and LOVE it. It's a great, cheap upgrade from my old Athlon 64 X2 4200+ and GeForce 9400GT system. Everything runs so much faster overall.



Good god, you waited a long time for that upgrade... :p I had the exact same processor (X2 4200+) god knows how long ago... loved it through and through, when AMD was a breath of fresh air from the hotter-than-hell (in a bad "overheaty" kinda way) Pentium 4 I had prior to that. Since then I've had a 9850, 940 and the one I'm on now; a 1090T. Sad to say AMD hasn't excited me as much in recent days though... :(

And your 9400GT... how... wha... o.O



I did wait a while, but realistically, it was still able to handle what I needed it to. I was halfway through playing Call of Duty Black Ops and it ran fine. I didn't have it cranked up or anything, but it still looked good and played smoothly. The one thing that helped push the upgrade was my cheap motherboard could only handle a max of 2GB...



You think that's bad? My pc from 2008-2010 was a celeron at 1.2ghz with 384mb ram and a 16mb nvidia vanta gpu. I couldn't even run diablo II.
Eventually a friend felt so sorry for me that he gave me a pc with a 1.8ghz sempron, 1gb ram, and geforce 6100 and I thought it was awesome.

But then my parents finally let me buy something decent about year ago; 1090T, 10gb ram, and a radeon 6850.



You people make me feel better about myself.....

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