AMD Says Fusion APUs are Good for the Earth!



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"The reason? AMD's Fusion CPUs offer up to a 40 percent smaller carbon footprint compared to previous generation products"

Common, who are we trying to kid?  Making a PCP board isn't an easy or non-toxic affair.  Lots of byproducts are producted during manufacturing.

Sure, maybe it'll save a bit of electric bill during use, but after two years, when the card if out of date, it gets disposed in the dump or 'recycled' (which means getting shipped to some forsaken third world country or China, where some kid will pick it up, scraped whatever gold there might be, and some guy will burn off junk material to get the few ounces of gold per few thousand cards; meanwhile the who village gets the breath the fume which ends up in at the end of the day, in the atmosphere).

Who are we trying to kid?



kudos to you sir

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