AMD Rolls Out Own Brand Memory Modules in North America



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well this is not too different in concept- except the memory is AMD brand and not OCZ with Crossfire label like a lot of us had in the DDR2 days. and that was good memory

the key will be of course what Athlonite states - timing, voltage- overclocking. But right now for even and experienced builder it gets to be a challenged as almost all memory is "Optimised for Intel" and you see bios settings showing Intel timings on your AMD board if you use dd3 with xmp.

it has gotten a bit messy- I can see where newbies could use the help for something that just works



the memory is rubish yup sure runs at DDR3-1300~1600~1866 but take a look at the timings on them utter rubish compared to equivelent dimms being sold by the likes of Corsair, GSkill and Kingston



Interesting.  So I guess AMD is going to try and sell its products as part of a platform instead of individual components.  "To get the most of your system, buy an AMD Radeon graphics card, an AMD CPU, and AMD memory."  I don't necessarily agree with such marketing (it reminds me too much of Apple), but I wonder if performance does (marginally) improve based on products centered around AMD's architecture.



Intel does it all the time although they don't brand any memory (yet). Nothing wrong with that per se. Especially if all their products are top notch. And I would venture a guess and say yes, performance does improve. When building my system I chose a motherboard with an AMD chipset knowing subconsciously that no one would know the capabilites of it's processors more than the company that designed it. So naturally they'll know how to squeeze out every last joule.



Doesn't Corsair do this, as well? They already make cases, power supplies, cpu coolers and RAM. i might be nice to be able to match parts, but i think more color combination options for parts would be better then brand matching, though i am guilty of brand matching in my recent computer.

i wish there was some way to get custom colors from the manufacturer, to be super unique with themed builds.



^^ Corsair doesn't tell you that you'll get "better performance" by using all Corsair components.  Unlike AMD which tries to pitch faster performance using AMD + ATI.  Which is complete BS.



Not neccesarily. There was a time not too long ago where there was some kind of glitch with AMD chipsets and Nvidia Video cards. I don't remember the details exactly but it had to be fixed through a major driver update. Secondly, Of course Corsair will tell you that though not in so many words perhaps but through clever adverts. That's what they're in business for, to get you as a customer.

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