AMD Rolls Out Another Catalyst 10.1 Hotfix



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dude, i can't dl the hotfix.... everytime i click on the dl link, it pop-up a sign-in block...... what is the username and password?



Even with the Hotfix (which I realize was not intended to address this issue), when I install the 10.1 drivers and reboot, the system tells me that I am not using supported hardware and the Catalyst Control Panel will not load.  The resolution is incorrect and the monitor is no longer identified.

This is a big problem & has several posts on ATI's website, but the problem is not being acknowledged or fixed.  It seems to be a problem with the 4850/70/90 series cards.  The 9.x drivers work fine, but not the 10.x

MaximumPC, please put pressure on ATI to address this issue.  Thanks!



i've only purchased one ATI card ever. I can see the experience continues with it's drivers. No thx. I will wait patiently for Nvidea to regain its bearings and deliver as it has in the past.



I've tried a few different ATI cards over the years and keep running into compatibility issues with either Mobos (even their own AMD mobos) or software.

 When you are afraid to keep your drivers up to date because it may cause your system to crash, it's time to move on to something else.  This is why I refuse to buy ATI cards anymore.



If ati drivers were as good as their hardware.

I debated switching to an ati card but then was reminded by a friend that was having these problems why i have an nvidia card. 



My 4870 did this and it was the idle voltages were too low.  I just edited the bios to fix it and havent had an issue since. 



  With all the low yields that AMD was getting on the GPU chip, I was very suspect of the 5800 cards and just WAITING for them to start failing in droves. When this bug showed up, my fears were in high alert.

  If this hotfix DOES fix the issue (or most of them anyways), then I can again start to consider buying a few of these cards.

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