AMD Revenue Slips, Search for CEO Continues



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Can I be the CEO? I'm a MCP and know how to build PCs.


Brad Nimbus

This may be a little off topic but AMD really needs to pick it up. I remember the days when Intel vs AMD was actually exciting. Imo once Intel dropped the 1st gen i7's AMD had no answer for it. I was so stoked waiting for bulldozer but delay after delay caused me to buy a 2600k which is just amazing. I'm still an AMD fanboy but after seeing my Phenom 965 struggle with a ps2 emulator (no SSE4) **I promise the games I play are backups, SOTC is awesome in HD with AA** because of lack of sse4, while my fiance's old ass q8400 can play the same emulator no problem it just gets annoying. I hope AMD can turn it around but with all this talk about fusion I'm worried they will go the low powered apu route. Please AMD get a decent CEO who wants competition and make sure the bulldozer can match anything Intel can do.



I agree with both of you. I haven't run an intel machine since Pentium 4, mainly because I couldn't justify a lot of their absurd prices as of late. In my opinion though, when Sandybridge hit the table it was like an insane, $300, your move AMD, kind of launch. The only reason I'm still on what I myself see as a sinking ship with AMD is because I committed myself to bulldozer when I bought my AM3/AM3+ MSI 890FXA-GD70 board last year. Being a huge multi-gpu enthusiast, I didn't want to deal with one PCIE-x16 lane, but the sheer power of the CPU alone is making it more and more appetizing. Yet if I switch to Intel now I'll be investing another $200 for a new board, $300 for a new CPU, and a ton of time into moving all my data over to a clean install of 7.
It doesn't matter to me if Bulldozer is a lot faster than Sandy/Ivybridge, so long as it can at least keep up. AMD is systematically and routinely trounced in CPU benchmarks anymore, and I think a huge part of it is simply because they've become complacent with being second best.



Brad, you are absolutely correct and I can't agree more.  It was nice when AMD/Intel were upping the bar for each other, price performance used to be huge issues.  Now, performance is just not on a level field at all.  I do not want to see AMD disappear into obscurity.  All consumers need the competition or Intel is going to make prices ridiculous. 

I really liked the idea of AMD going with lower clock speeds, and better architecture.  It just seems as though playing that hand has finally caught up with AMD.  I strive for competition in the market place.  I'm not debating which company is better.  I feel we all need a competitor to Intel to keep prices fair.


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