AMD Reportedly Prepping 3 New Bulldozer CPUs



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Just upgraded to a FX-8120 and could not be happier. If anyone listens to any negativity about AMD "not being able to cut it" you are listening to dogmatic propaganda bs from the brainwashed. These chips do indeed cut it from everyday apps to any game you can throw at it and you know what...? you will NOT notice what benchmarks say about these chips.



I have a AMD system. Phenom II 3.4GHz and 5870. It runs BF3 just fine. AMD is a really good value! The 4150 looks good to me. I may have to upgrade. :)



I recently built a new pc for myself since my old Intel dual core system wasn't cutting it for me anymore. I decided to build myself a new system when I went window shopping I was shocked at the prices I was seeing for Intel procs. I had some friends that used AMD and loved them both for laptops and custom builds, so with the help of a friend decided to try AMD for the first time and I'm glad I did. I purchased the FX-6100 and have been happy since. Even one of my coworkers bought the FX-4100 and he is happy as well. I overlook all the hate that the bulldozer procs get because I am a satisfied customer even with jumping on first gen and will now build AMD based systems for myself and anyone else who asks.



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Keith E. Whisman

I'd be drooling if these chips are the new AMD high end mobile CPU's.



Don't expect much from any high end AMD CPU chip from now on. Hell, even AMD says that they are leaving the high end CPU market for Intel as they simply cannot compete, either in PCs or servers. Instead, they are going mostly for the low end APU market (which they have some very good numbers) and trying to break into the lucrative GPGPU market for supercomputers ( a very tough market).



For some reason AMD has better motherboard support if you compare the stuff on new egg.



These AMD's have 16MB Cache. Intel's best CPU only has 15MB Cache. Finally AMD catches up.



Cache doesn't really matter a whole lot anymore.



I still dont understand why people says things like "I'd love to build an all AMD gaming machine, unfortunately AMD cpu's just don't quite cut it" while I havnt tried a bulldozer personally yet, im still on a 1090t.. but lets be real here. when gaming its your GPU thats doing most of the work. my friend and I have the same gtx580, I have a 6core 1090t but he is still rockin a 4 year old intel.. and guess what?! we get pretty much the same frame rates! the only real difference is that mine "loads" faster... so quit using the excuse that you cannot build an AMD Gaming rig because their cpus dont benchmark as well as intels.. they are still GREAT cpus and much more affordable! My AMD rig works like a champ! is that half a second load time worth added cost of an intel? no.. no it is not.. unless you just enjoy diarrhea of the wallet.. in that case buy intel.

Happy Friday!



That's a bit of a fantasy at this point. A 1090T is last-gen, and an i5 2500k (which is still reasonably, if not competitively, priced) beats in the majority of benchmarks (application load times or synthetic) by a fairly large margin.

AMD's CPUs really don't cut it... I mean, I'm fairly happy with the X4 965 in my current PC, but chances are, the next (2013/2014) will have Ivy Bridge. AMD just doesn't have any CPUs to compete, and Intel has all the time it wants with its release cycle. They probably already have the next-next-gen CPUs ready from R&D, and are just waiting for a comfortable time to switch over their manufacturing process.



AMD doesn't have the performance of Intel or the price/performance of the saner Intel chips.



I've been waiting for some great AMD CPUs for about five years now, and I think bulldozer was the last straw. I appreciate the fact that I can get more cores for the money from AMD but until those cores are comparable to the performance of an Intel proc I'm stuck with Intel. Sorry AMD, I'm really pulling for you here, but you're not making it easy.



Dollar for dollar AMD CPUs are a good buy. You have to compare AMD vs. Intel processors at price point to be fair.

I'm an avid AMD user/builder. I'd love for AMD to slap the snot out of Intel in the performance spectrum at the high-end. Unfortunately I don't predict that happening anytime soon.

If you really want to spend $600 or $1,000 on a CPU then Intel is your only option and you will have a smokin fast computer. What's the point though when a $300 CPU will run almost everything you could throw at it in a real world environment and gaming?



~$300 Sandy Bridge procs beat all AMD CPUs currently available (regardless of price), and, more likely than not, the ones that are about to be released as well.

For a while AMD held the budget proc sector, but Intel's SB chips are encroaching upon that, so that's not (at the present) a very good argument against Intel.



I'd rather have 2-4 GOOD cores than 8 half assed ones that AMD gives you for the same price. Fact is I do way more everything else than I do video converting or Photoshopping.



I'd love to build an all AMD gaming machine, unfortunately AMD cpu's just don't quite cut it, hopefully some of these will make a good AMD gaming machine possible.



"That being said, do any of these chips get you drooling?"

If anything, this will make a certain group of people frothing as they approach atop the AMD-hate bandwagon.

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