AMD Releases Version 2.1.6 of its Overdrive Overclocking Tool



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when I launch it it says cant find K7 family CPU. I have a 5600+ x2 K8 does this work with K8?



I using a Ph2 720 which is a K10 and it workst just fine

I use WinXP Pro 32

is it your OS, heard there are problems under Vista



System Requirements

OD looks for AMD 7 series chipset my motherboard must not be compatable or it could be the BIOS not worth the hassel.

AMD motherboard requirements:

RD780 motherboard

RS780 motherboard

RX780 motherboard

RD790 motherboard

BIOS requirements:

A BIOS that supports AMD OverDrive™. The user must get the latest BIOS
version from their motherboard manufacturer that includes AMD OverDrive function
support; otherwise, some functions will be disabled while using AMD




Well, I went and downloaded this program because I am a complete AMD fanboy (Phenom II, Radeon 4870.) However, I still get the same problem I have with Vista, and that is that it does not recognize the Phenom II. The bios is up to date, and cpu-z can recognize it, but nowhere else seems to recognize it. I will admit that it is quite a step up from the overdrive utility on CCC.



I haven't OCed much but from what i've done, I'm a lot more comfortable in a GUI



BIOS OCing can go higher, but AOD is a great for non suicide/record breaking overclocks. If you aren't trying to break int the sixes with a Ph2, AOD is good for you.

I still prefer BIOS ocing, but I use AOD to experiment before changing the BIOS.

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