AMD Refocuses on Processors and GPUs - What's Next?



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If they beat Intel to market with the first 45nm many core (8-16) CPU (That performs well of course) or something like that they can succeed. Believe me AMD fans are dying for a kickass CPU that doesn't blue screen or get stompted by last generation Intel processors. AMD just unleashed a can of whoop ass on Nvidia now they need to do the same to Intel. Competing mid range is great for now and will help keep them afloat but they should be cooking something up behind the scenes to blow people away. I just bought my first ATI card (visiontek  4870) and would love to pair it up with a killer AMD CPU. Until they win my heart back I'l just chill with my E8400 running at a cool 4.5Ghz@1.3875v on water.



I Think AMD/ATI is making a good move.  However staying in the mid market does not draw much attention to yourself.  I think they need to flex some tech muscle somewhere to show they are capable of competing with the big boys and get some attention

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