AMD Readies Radeon 7970 GHz Edition



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It feels like to me that AMD has gotten into a habit of releasing devices prematurely (i.e Bulldozer). What I mean is that I feel they release devices before proper drivers are fully written, especially graphics drivers. I own a two gig 6970 and it seemed like forever before proper performance drivers were actually put out. I haven't seen this type of issue with Nvidia cards I have used. Look at the 7970, people are complaining of poor performance all over. This is due to lack of driver support. I just feel that to compete against Intel or Nvidia, AMD should take more time before releasing devices so that they have full performance potential.



bulldozer was released late actully... it was planed to be compeating with early 1366 i7 procs.



Even though ill always stick with nvidia (I have 3d vision) I want amd to have the fastest single gpu for longer than a few months Atleast. Nvidia seems to try very hard to hold the fastest card crown, why doesn't amd try? gtx 580 was the rarest for a long time before the 7000 series was out and gtx 480 was out for a long time before 6000 series was released. Nvidia is racing for top spot and will completely disregard heat and effiency if need be as the 480gtx demontrated ( to beat the 5000 series).



That's all well & good, but where the hell is the 7990 to compete with the GTX690?


The Corrupted One

Not to mention that you could logically run quad Crossfire 7970's (dual 7990's) without a nuclear reactor for power and a wind tunnel for cooling.

AMD wins in practicality yet again!



Facing facts, 690 availability is close to zero. Not to mention that even if it was fully stocked, it'd still sell at a snail's pace, given the price range.

7970 is at least available, and it's semi-affordable. Realistically, it's the highest tier chips where competing for profit is even noticeable. Once you get into the true flagship products, they're just for bragging rights.

Anyways, AMD's "7990" would probably beat the crap out of the 690, but why even bother? They can just wait until the 690 drops $100-$200 in price (along with all other GPUs), then take over that market when it comes around.



its pretty simple. They don't need to release the 7990 yet because you can't buy a 690 anywhere anyway.

7970's in crossfire at stock clocks put up a good fight against the 690, they are indeed slower but you can actually buy them unlike the 690. 7970's are cheaper too.



Why would they need to compete with the 690? AMD is raking it in at the entry and mid-tier levels. Until NVidia releases competitors to the HD77xx & 78xx cards, the tiers that actually possesses customers, then AMD might just release their 7990 in good time.

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