AMD Radeon HD 7990 Shipping in March 2012, Start Saving Your Pennies



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I'll wait to see what nvidia comes out with.  No reason to be on the cutting edge when there haven't been any cutting edge games for the past couple of years.


Number Six

Considering the size of the 7970, the 7990 will have a PCB that's longer than the Bitchin'fast! 3D 2000!



So, the XDR & changeover from SIMD to MIMD rumour was just that, a rumour.

Had AMD done it, it would forced nVIDIA to do something similar, but neither company wants to make a real move and be at the forefront of a new GPU revolution.

To me, it seems like they are both sitting on their laurels, and that's something you're not supposed to do!


The Corrupted One


With those power savings, dual 7990s would be boss.

But my question is, does anything require that much power that isn't a benchmark?  Running Metro 2033 on 4 50 inch screens?!(hell, 2 6990's could do that)


I smell inflation in the bitcoin market.



I honestly blame the Console gaming industry for the slowdown on computer game graphics. They tried to eliminate the difference between the games and at release they were equal. But 6 years later we have to deal with tailor made games for consoles that are just ported between systems that are hardly upgraded at all with the technology available. And for those that do update the graphics seldom upgrade gameplay leaving us with a lot of beautiful mediocre games or Frozen Synapse xD. Sadface :(



6-way eyefinity at 2560x1600 each.  That's 7680x3200, running anything at that res would be too much for even two of these behemoths, I dare say.  

Don't forget, when speaking of gpu performance, size is irrelevant, resolution matters. 4 50" screens (assuming each is an HDTV) is only 3840x2160.  Doing the math, that comes out to ariund 8.3 million pixels, while the other comes out to 24.6 million pixels.

That sound like a lot?  Multiply it by 60.  That's 1.475 BILLION pixels per second.  If you divide it by four (2 7990's x 2 GPU's per 7990), you still have around 368 million pixels per second that each chip has to render.  I strongly suspect that's far too much even for these.

I think someone needs to cater to this niche market, since it's clear that modern GPU's aren't fast enough.



Aaargghh!!! bitcoiners!!!! A pox on their house LOL.

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