AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Video Cards Drop in Price as Supply Issues Ease



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I read that as $240 :(

Wishful thinking.

My crossfire setup is still in the 6xxx Radeon series. It needs some help, but I'm not going to plunk down 420 bucks for the 7970 when the "next gen" is right around the corner. I'd have to be high to do that (since no one else went for that lol)!



Very excited to see the prices come down here in Canada (I kept checking for the new prices to come into play. If they fall soon I'll definitely consider building an all AMD rig (FX-8350/7970 GHz Edition). If not I'm afraid I'll be going Intel/Nvidia.

I love AMD and I WANT to build an all AMD system but not when Intel and Nvidia are putting on so much heat. Prices are too high for the GHz edition cards for the same performance as the GTX 700s. I already own most of the games the AMD cards come with so that value is lost to me. Great deal if you don't already own those games though!



nVidia's release of the GTX770 @ $409.00 probably has a lot to do with this?

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