AMD Radeon HD 7970, 7950, & 7870 Price Cuts Coming Soon



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If my 6870 holds up for another year or so, I'll be looking forward to the 8000 series. If not, then I'll certainly welcome these price cuts and probably grab a 7850 (or maybe if a 7870 if I feel like dropping $300).



Hopefully this prompts a competitive price program from both and prices drop another $100 or so by 4Q. I plan on a 670 later this year, but may put it off until next year when the prices drop more across the board. Glad to see things are a changin' though... maybe the next version of Keplar will come out and blow everything away like they said it would. A boy can dream.



i am still on the fence on what my next upgrade will be. My gtx 580 matrix edition has served me well. Don't get me wrong i used to only buy AMD gpu's, but this is all depending on what games you wanna play. i bought the gtx 580 to replace my AMD 5970 because there were issues with frame rate for a while trying to play Skyrim. i will prob wait tell next gen to make a purchase so i can change out my hardware, I'm still sporting the X58 w/ i7 960 and volociraptor hard drives in raid 0 combo breaker.



Always buy Nvidia =) I get less eyestrain from them for some reason waiting for a 660ti but man is it taking forever to come out rumored to come out Mid august but I might spring that 400.00 for the better 670 gtx just because it's worth that extra 100.00 for performance.



This is most likely a preemptive measure against nVidia, who is rumored to be working on a Geforce 660Ti for $299.



No doubt the price drops come on the heels of releasing next gen parts. Soon to see the 8000 series emerge?



I would imagine the next gen GPUs aren't that far off. There are new editions being released on a regular basis. So long as the hardware being bought meets your needs with a little future headroom, then it does not matter if it is the absolute latest tech on the shelf anyhow. The price for a 7970 is pretty reasonable now.



Sweet! I can't wait to have a second 7870.



Nice, I can pick up another 7870 without being burned.

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