AMD Radeon HD 7950 Reportedly Shipping on January 31st



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Disregard previous comment.  I misread the article, my apologes :(



So according to maximum PC you weren't able to buy the 7970 on Jan 9th.  Thats interesting because I have 2 cards here purchased from on the 9th.   There's also scores of other users that bought cards on the 9th at anandtech and OCN, which I also frequent.  My cards both overclocked to 1125 effortlessly, and with a slight voltage bump was able to get to 1200.  Have not tried higher.   I have 580 slis in another system and these are across the board signifigantly faster in DX11 games.

Keep it classy with excellent journalism, maximum PC, the fact that you even base an article on fudzilla speaks volumes.  I hope you guys are aware of their vast history of inaccuracy and outright false information?

Trash journalism at its finest.


The Corrupted One



Thats less than a GTX 580 SC, you joking, or is AMD again being extremely offensive in pricing again?



I wonder if we'll be blessed again to be able to flash the 7950 to a 7970? My 69"70" is still running great after a year. Something tells me they learned from their last mistakes... although it's not like that was the first time something like that had occured.


Here's hoping!



So is this a misprint that should be a 7970? I know it says it ships in 1 to 2 months, but if correct, it's still an available purchase at a set price.



So in MaximumPCs opinion, if someone were to decide to get a new card in February, and with existing (rumored) price tags, would you recommend the 7970 or 7950 cards?  They are by no means "great deals" but for someone who just wants the newest stuff and is looking for the best price/performance between the two cards, which one would you recommend?



Obviously pick the one that's in your price range. If price is no object... wait for 7990, or buy 2-4 7970 and run the fires of the cross (crossfire).

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