AMD Radeon HD 7950 Graphics Cards Now Available



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AMD's new cards all fail pretty badly when you consider their price/performance ratio. They rolled out a brand new architecture on a brand new process and couldn't offer an improvement in price/performance over the last series. People complained loudly when they did it with Bulldozer, and I believe AMD is deserving of the same kind of censure here.



If I buying a new PC I would just go for the 6970 instead. This new card isnt powerful enough to justify the extra 100 dollars. AMD is seriously crippling PC gaming with their astronomically expensive graphics cards. Even if I had the money to afford one of these I would just go for the 6900 instead and save myself a couple hundred dollars while not losing out on much power.



The new architecture does look promising. The AMD Radeon 7970 (or 7950) offloading can better reduce CPU bottle-neck. The extra memory that it utilizes will come in handy for those running more than one or two high resolution monitors. It comes down to what you are planning to do with your GPU/s. If you are gaming on a single solid monitor, then buying an AMD Radeon 6950 should suffice. When games get more intense, run two more in tri-Crossfire. Quad is not recommended. Kind of like driving a Koenigsegg CCXR twenty miles to work every day going the speed limit. That would be cool, but way overkill for what it is being used for. ;)



The AMD Radeon 7970 GPU will probably be my choice to go inside my regular rig. I do not think Nvidia's Kepler will be coming out till later this quarter after reading some of the latest rumors.



From a tech report on the web....

"a hot-clocked 7950 card performs very much like a stock-clocked 7970 but costs substantially less. I suppose those folks who want the very best will pay the premium for an up-clocked version of the 7970 like XFX's Black Edition, which really is the finest video card that's ever been tested, with a much quieter cooling solution than AMD's reference design. Still, with all of the overclocking headroom in the 7950, paying more for the 7970 seems... unnecessary."

I plan on getting the higher clocked 7950 and save some money. I never run more than one monitor anyway.

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