AMD Planning to Sample Bulldozer Core in Q4



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Im excited to see what kind of performance increases bulldozer will bring. I really hope that the metaphor of Bulldozer "dozing" Sandy Bridge pans out perfectly and AMD Steamrolls Intel once again =) Woot woot for the underdog! =-P Regardless if they did or not though, AMD is getting a kick ass flagship processor performance upgrade.


Yes im a AMD fanboy, and im not ashamed to promote it!


Keith E. Whisman

I really think that Bulldozer should have triple or a quad channel memory controller for increased memory bandwidth, its this that I believe keeps it from competing more with the Intel chips. 

So with Bulldozer, I would have been happy to see a new motherboard requirement because of the technological advancements in Bulldozer. Giving great value can go only so far before it actually turns into a mess. When the quest for value gets in the way of technological advancement, it's a bad thing, it ceases to be a good value.




not requiring the AM3+ socket & manufacturing this new marvel of engineering to force-fit it into existing sockets & be compatable with existing motherboards & BIOS' just sets the stage for an epic AMD fail & you're quite correct Keith they'll never compete with Intel unless they goto trichannel memory for their hexacores atleast . . . quadchannel won't happen . . . not current modern x86-64e processor from either company has true quad channel . . . AMD's Opterons don't carry the warranty of the Xeons among other things & only actually have dual channel controllers that are cascaded IF you've a dual-socket board with supporting bios otherwise it functions much like the oriiginal simultaneous multithreading on the P4

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