AMD Planning on 32nm CPUs by Q4 2009



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 I'm an Intel fan but I'm happy that AMD is stepping up to the plate to start competiting against Intel. This will help the CPU industry move foward faster and maybe improve it in the long run. :)


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I just hope that x86 processor leasing business gets taken care of. If you're out of the loop, there were some issues with Intel charging that they never licensed x86 technology (their patent) to "Globalfoundries," but only to AMD, who is no longer the sole owner/operator of the foundry. I'm sure it'll blow by, but still just a bit sticky of a situation. Talk about patent trolls...


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AMD isn't going anywhere... So chillax... Btw, I caught this over at on their podcast: (This is their 49th podcast which they talk about AMD and Intel battle going on right now later on in the podcast... Skip to 22:30 min for full scoop on it.

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