AMD: PhysX and Other Proprietary Standards Will Die Off



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Who cares if Physx dies? I've been rooting for Physx from the start, but what I've really been hoping for is for the industry to accept the idea of "hardware accelerated" physics, whatever that solution may be. It could be that a GPGPU solution like OpenCL, DX11, or CUDA that might finally fulfill all the promises that PhysX has been making all along. It could also benefit any gaming application that would find significantly more performance or headroom running on the GPU than CPU, such as artificial intelligence or procedural animation.



Wait, so AMD is saying that Physx will die, yet Havoc won't? Sounds to me like AMD is trying to bring there stock up in any way possible.



Sounds more like he's saying that Havoc is better than PhysX, but that
both are doomed with the advent of OpenCL. Will PhysX die out?
Eventually sure. But it is useful right now, and OpenCL needs time to
gain momentum with support, tools, and a library of goodies useful to
game developers. Meanwhile Havoc will probably be mostly overlooked
until that time. He appears to be directing attention as far from the PhysX vs Havoc competition as possible, while trying to undercut them at the same time.

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