AMD Officially Launches Llano A-Series Desktop APUs



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Call of Duty has it's own flock of sheeple so there's no doubt that they'll make some cash off of this. I won't have anything to do with Call of Duty so it doesn't matter to me, but it's sad to see companies taking advantage and sucking as much money as possible from it's customers.Bungie offers the same feature abosolutely free. Except for that fact that if you want more than what they provided, you have to pay. Now that's fair.What Activision is doing is bullsh3t. Only TRUE COD fanboys would go for that kind of rubbish offer. That's my opinion about this option subscription thing btw.

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Bulldozer please...



I can't wait to build a system with this. I don't know why but I gots the itchin. I think it will make a perfect budget build for my wife, who wants a micro or mini itx build. Such a system could hold her for years and keep maintenance to a minimum. Of course there's also the obvious choice of a htpc.



I pulled the trigger on a Fusion build, and I must say I am impressed.  I built an HTPC around the Sapphire Pure Fusion ITX board.  I was expecting Netbook like performance on the desktop.  What I got was closer to my 3-year-old gaming Asus notbook with a speedy Core 2 Duo.

I was angry at first because while playing blu rays, I was getting CPU utilization in the 80% range.  Benchmarks around the web reported it to be 20-30%.  Cyberlink didn't have support for Fusion graphics, so it was unusable.  I went with Total Media Theatre, and that's where I got 80%.

just when I was thinking of getting rid of it, Total Media put out an update with support for... wait for it... Fusion APUs.  So now, I have 25% utilization during blu ray playback.  it is silent and cool.  I have a quiet 40cm fan over the cpu block, and it has never gotten up to 50 C even during blu ray and downloading.  Netflix, and Microsoft Silverlight, still does not support GPU acceleration, so it actually looks a little worse than my previous HTPC with a C2D 6420.

Long story short, if the Llanos can give the same level of all around performance on a more desktop mainstream level, then I whish i would've used that for my wife's gaming PC instead of a Phenom II X 4!  It's hot and the fan is loud!



Whoa! A nice CPU and GPU while not having a higher TDP than Intel's quad-cores? AND a low-price tag? This CPU may just find itself a place in my next build. And if I can dynamically OC the GPU like a regular discrete one, oh, and dynamically OC the CPU..... (I use MSI afterburner)

And if I can have crossfire with a discrete ATI GPU, preferably not having to be the same model...

Man, there is some real potential here.



I'm wondering what kinda performance we'll see out of these. In both standard office tasks as well as some gaming.

And HTPC tasks as well.

So, since this is a GPU & CPU on a single socket, the motherboard will no longer have a graphics adapter on it, but just a VGA/HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort port right?



I would say "enough" on the performance front for entry level users... :p

Not sure what you meant by your last question, mobos still will pack PCI-E afaik but if you mean the IGP, I think they probably dropped it in the D3 chipsets.



I have to say that these new Llanos are priced at quite incredibly low points. Quad core with a proper GPU at only 115? Its undercutting even my predictions...

While I'm more interested in the upcoming Bulldozers, if AMD released a dual FM1 socket board, I may change my mind... :D



When will you guy be reviewing new AMD CPU line? I am itching for an upgrade since April. Since I got first gen i7 920, I was thinking about Sandy Bridge but I thought I would give AMD a shot ( I was an old AMD fan till i7 came out). I got myself an AMD 6950 (bios upgrade to 6970), and I want to run crossfire. I heard AMD graphic fares better on AMD platform (logical). However, gaming is not the only thing I do on my computer so whenever you guy are ready, just review the AMD line and make a verdict. I am going nut waiting for next big thing.



I'm partial towards AMD, but I don't think the CPU makes much difference towards graphic performance. Intel chips are fast however; you pay for that. The upcoming Bulldozers may shift things a bit but that remains to be seen. :)

For now, if you are doing CPU intensive tasks like encoding, and you have the spare change, a shiny new i7 wont go too wrong. :) Alternatively, grab the AMD 1100T, I've got a 1090T and I love it. Finally you can do the Maximum thing and OC your proc, but I don't know how it goes on the i7 920. I've been spoiled with the ease on AMD Blacks...

I've had a 9850BE, 940BE and now a 1090T BE. Overclocking became effortless. xD

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