AMD Offers Glimpse of Phenom II, Overclocks It Past 5GHz



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ok don't laugh or just go ahead and get over with it.... i'm still using a dual core xp 4800 939.... so you can see i am in desperate need of an upgrade...


i have been checking out the  i7's thinking maybe its time for an intel cpu.... really do not want one, but what is a person to do

so now i am going to wait a little longer and see how this plays out, if amd has a part worth spending cash on i'll do it, as it would save me scrapeing the amd sticker off my case.


call me fanboym, it's probably true... i really like the way amd talks to me



Keith E. Whisman

I believe that this chip is going to be a whole hell of a lot more competitive than the original Phenom was. The specs really make me excited. I think it can match if not outperform the slowest Core I7 chip. Granted it's really going to hurt because it does not have Hyper Threading but I think that for a low price you will get competitive performance. Not as fast as the fastest but at least it can keep up the slowest. 

I'm sticking to that. I believe the Phenom 2 can do it.  



I'm an AMD nut, but it takes more than clocks to make a good processor, and after reading MPC's article on the Intel i7, it's going to take a LOT more. I'm skeptical, but still hopeful!



Intel deserves to be second best again!  I KNOW you've got it in you  :)  You've always had the better architechture just add dollars  :)    (Which I see you have)  However, realize that you MUST keep very tight quailty control over CPU's manufactured in fabs other than your' own.  One bug is all it takes to destroy your' image  :)



i was waiting for it and waiting for it and finally i could not wait anymore so i bought phenom X4 9950 and know i just heard the new it is coming out soon!


Keith E. Whisman

Finally an AMD chip I wouldn't feel embaressed to buy.



what would it hit with Oil Immersion though?



 This is looking good for AMD... And the "Dragon" platform sounds intimidating. More so than the Spider platform (which I'm currently running). I'm really looking forward to the Phenom II. I wonder how it'll stand up to the i


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